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Daddy and Me May events

Daddy and Me May events

There are four spring events remaining before the summer break.  In May, Child Care Resource and Referral is hosting a creepy crawly, bug extravaganza.  We hope to see you at the gym or with the insects.

Daddy and Me May  2014

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CCRR photo

CCRR is located between Mondo’s Restaurant and the Baked bakery on 100 ave.  You can find it at the back of the Masonic Lodge.

Moya and Heather


Heather and Moya help families find licensed childcare and help early childhood educators with professional development, networking and toy lending.  They are brilliant advocates for families, children and educators.  You can call them for help at 250.785.5701.



March Early Learning calendars

March Early Learning calendars

March is a short month for SD60 early learning programs.  Spring Break comes a bit earlier than usual this year.  Schools are closed from March 17 – March 28.  Programs re-open on Monday, March 31st.

FSJ SS March 2014 To print, click FSJ SS March 2014

HH StrongStart March 2014 revisedTo print, click HH SS March 2014


Outreach March 2014To print, click Outreach SS March 2014

The Rotary Play Centre is closed March 21 – March 28 for a shorter Spring Break.

March 2014 RPC Calendar To print, click March 2014 RPC Calendar

Daddy and Me mar  2014To print, click Daddy and Me March 2014

Our Families in Motion events are back on for the spring.  These events are aimed at families with preschool aged children.  The next event will be on March 14th, at Bert Ambrose Elementary gym between 6 – 7:30 pm.  Expect to participate in creative, active play for the whole family.

FIM 2014   To print, click Families in Motion 2014

Daddy and Me/Family Place events

Daddy and Me/Family Place events

We are very proud of our partnership with the Family Place at North Peace Community Resources.  If you have any questions about their programs, please contact Pam Lillico at 250-785-6021 ext.232.  Pam is the tireless face of many programs around our community.

s Perfect


To download and print this poster, click Family Place Poster, Jan – Mar


Daddy and Me Jan  2014

To download and print this poster, click Daddy and Me Jan 2014

January StrongStart and Rotary Play Centre calendars

January StrongStart and Rotary Play Centre calendars

The transition from December to January always feels weird.  We have to start getting ready for January so early.  Although having a break from the everyday is welcome, the rush up to the holiday can be overwhelming and tiring.  I hope your family gets some quiet time to enjoy each other’s company, to read, sing, pretend and cuddle.  We’ll see you in January.

FSJ SS January (revised) 2014

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HH January 2014


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Outreach (revised) January 2014

To download and print this poster, click Outreach StrongStart January 2014 (revised)

RPC January 2014 Calendar


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Daddy and Me December events

Daddy and Me December events

Daddy and Me is an exciting series of events giving dads fun opportunities to get active with their little ones.  Hope to see you at either or both events this month.

As, always, we celebrate the importance of dads in healthy families.  Whether this program suits your family or not, we hope to increase awareness about how AWESOME dads are.  Dads matter for many reasons but here’s a moving post about Why Dads Matter – Especially for Girls


CBC parents


Dads are also more likely to play physically than moms.  This could be rough and tumble play, object play or tag.  This is a generalization but it is another facet of how dads can support kids.  This blog post from the CBC describes how a simple game of catch can layer in life skills for your kids.  Physical activity helps kids build life skills.

Daddy and Me Dec  2013


To download and print this poster, click Daddy and Me Dec 2013

The 2014 calendar of events will be out soon.

Families in Motion

Families in Motion


This month Families in Motion is being hosted by the Keeginaw Friendship Centre.  The event is held on the 2nd Friday of the month at a community school or centre between 6:00 and 7:30.

Who:  Families with children aged 6 and under

What:  Guided indoor fitness and fun for families

When:  Friday, November 8th  6:00 – 7:30

Where:  Keeginaw Friendship Centre


Daddy and Me: Self regulation practice

Daddy and Me: Self regulation practice
Daddy and Me:  Self regulation practice


Self regulation is a hot button topic in our world.  We are becoming more aware of the affects of constant stimulus on our bodies and our concentration.  This interaction with our world comes from our senses, our emotions, other people, our impulses and reactions and our thoughts.  As Dr. Stuart Shanker teaches, there are five formal domains of self-regulation:


  1. Biological – how well the child regulates her internal states and sensory stimulus’ like sight, sound, smells, touch and tastes.
  2. Emotional – how well the child identifies, monitors and modifies her emotional responses
  3. Cognitive – how well the child can sustain and switch her attention; inhibit impulses; deal with frustration, delay gratification, ignore distractions; sequence her thoughts
  4. Social – the child’s mastery of rules of socially appropriate behaviour; how well the child can co-regulate or help others to participate in social norms
  5. Pro-social – the desire and ability to develop and sustain relationships, support and care for others, act inclusively and be an engaged member of a community

Each domain builds on the others to help us stay calm, alert and focused.  This is most easily learned while playing, being physically active and in close relationship with people who love us.  Daddy and Me Gym Night and Families in Motion are monthly opportunities to practice all of these skills in a playful environment.

As I observed the play at Daddy and Me this month, I noticed examples of:

  1. children experiencing new sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures, in a very stimulating enviroment
  2. kids and dads managing powerful feelings: excited, joyful, frustrated, sad, angry, scared
  3. taking turns, sharing toys, managing distractions, taking risks
  4. children mastering social rules and learning to help others learn those rules
  5. Playing, creating and problem solving with others, sharing and including others

Look closely at these photos and see if you can find clues of how these kids are learning to live happily in their bodies and in their community.  This is not an easy task in the modern world.


As always, I am  grateful to participate in a monthly event where so much learning takes place in such an authentic and fun environment.  Please join us Wednesday, November 13th at Robert Ogilvie Gym.



StrongStart October Calendars

StrongStart October Calendars

Our programs are running full strength again.  Library and gym times are all arranged.  Come join us for our evening, Family StrongStart nights on October 7th at Duncan Cran and October 10th at Robert Ogilvie.

FSJ SS Octgober 2013


To download and print, click FSJ SttrongStart October 2013


HH StrongStart October 2013

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VSS Oct.2013


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October 2013 RPC Calendar

To download and print this calendar, cilck October 2013 RPC Calendar

New StrongStart schedules

New StrongStart schedules

Following feedback from parents, we have been able to juggle our staffing to improve our StrongStart hours.  Both Duncan Cran StrongStart and Robert Ogilvie StrongStart are now open every morning, Monday – Friday, from 8:30 – 11:30 am.  Please check out the new calendars and drop into our newly renovated centres.

FSJ StrongStart SEPTEMBER 2013 - new schedule

To download and print this calendar, click FSJ StrongStart SEPTEMBER 2013 – new schedule