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Pre-School Health Round-up

Pre-School Health Round-up

Health screening for pre-schoolers is tomorrow.

The Pre-school Health Round-up is a FUN event.  We try to make it engaging for kids and parents alike.  There will be lots of interesting activities for kids and valuable information for parents.  I always enjoy being a part of this event because it is so supportive of families.

The Totem Mall is a new partner this spring. We are hoping the venue will add an element of excitement while making it easier for families to participate.  The convenient parking is the best part.  Please plan to spend about an hour with your little ones.


To download and print this poster, click Preschool Health Roundup 2013.


Ten Reasons Why Children and Adults Need Vitamin N (nature)

Ten Reasons Why Children and Adults Need Vitamin N (nature)

Here are two excellent blogs about Nature.  I am a huge fan of Richard Louv‘s Nature mouvement.  He is a crusader for healthier children and communities through natural play.  His work is a catalyst for me to get outside with my kids. It’s positively affecting my entire family.  I’m a believer!

Ten Reasons Why Children and Adults Need Vitamin N

This poster makes me cringe because of all the little boisterous souls I have discouraged over the years.  I believe I did so gently and with love but I still sent them the message that they weren’t quite “good enough” when they couldn’t sit still.  “When you know better you do better.” ― Maya Angelou

SMART PILLS VS. NATURE SMART: Want Your Kids to Do Better in School? Try a Dose of “Vitamin N”


The debate about playgrounds

The debate about playgrounds

As play becomes a hotly debated topic with scholars and parents, another concern is surfacing, safety.  The argument is that too much “safety” takes the fun out of play and may even hinder our children’s healthy development.

Here are two voices on that topic.

Are playgrounds too safe?  Click to listen to this interview with Jian Gomeshi from Q, CBC, and Harry Harbottle of the German playground manufacturer Richter Spielgerate. Mr. Harottle argues that an excess of concern about minor injuries means many playgrounds are being dumbed down to the point where they no longer offer a challenge to children.

Are Playgrounds Too Safe? A cure for the overprotective parent by Cory St. Esprit.

For a longer article about how natural environments offer more challenges and opportunities for play, check out this Globe and Mail article.

How kids can reconnect with nature on the playground

Daddy and Me – November events

Daddy and Me – November events

The Dinosaur event is always super fun and well attended.  You and your little one will have LOTS of fun.  The gym nights have been slowly growing and are a great way to get exercise, learn to interact with others and play in a boisterous environment.  Hope to see you at one or both of the events.

To download this poster, click here Daddy and Me Nov. 2012

Here are the remaining 2012 events.  The calendar for 2013 will be out soon.

To download this poster, click here 2012 Daddy and Me calendar

Dad’s and other important male caregivers are essential in the physical, emotional and psychological health of their children.  This book by Neil Gaiman is an excellent, honest look at the irreplaceable role Dad’s play in our lives.  I highly recommend it.

The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish

They also have this book at the FSJ Library if you want to have a look.

Take Me Outside Day

Take Me Outside Day

Thursday, October 25 is Take Me Outside Day.  Inspired by Richard Louv’s work on nature deficit disorder, this national celebration reminds us of the restorative power of nature on our kids.

Colin and his Take Me Outside crew have designed t-shirts which inspire me.  I’ve ordered one for me and my kids.  Reconnecting our children with nature is not the educational system’s responsibility but we can all play a part.

It’s colder here than in many parts of the country but I’m scheduling an extra hour of forest time tomorrow.  Hope to see you there! Take the TMO challenge!

Physical Activity – friendly reminder

Physical Activity – friendly reminder

As we head back to school, I am trying to get my family more active.  Weird, right?  We were outside a lot over the summer but it was a quiet, restful time.   Going back to school and work reminds me to get moving.   For some people, routine weighs them down but my family thrives on it.  Whatever September means for your family, here is some useful information.

If you’d like to print these guidelines, click below

Physical Activity Guidelines for 0 – 4 years

Physical Activity Guidelines for 5 – 11 years

To download guidelines for teens, adults and seniors, go to the CSEP website.  You will also find information there about sedentary behaviours and how to avoid them.

CSEP website

If you’d like more information from ParticipACTION! about active and outdoor play, click below

Active Play-Fact Sheet

A re-activity jar? What’s that?

A re-activity jar? What’s that?

Re-activity jar?  What? It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Pick a jar. Fill it with active ideas you can do with your loved ones.  Pull one out and commit to doing it with your family.  Get active. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

To print these activity ideas, click here reactivity-idea-jar

This makes me think of those great commercials which claimed taking Tylenol will help you, “Get back to normal, whatever your normal is.”  A re-activity jar can help you, “Get active, whatever your active is.”  Just get moving in ways your family finds fun!

Dad’s health matters!

Dad’s health matters!

We work so hard to get our kids healthy and active.  What about the dads? Northern Health published the Community Consultation on Men’s Health in 2011.  From that consultation, plans have been made to help northern men get healthy and active.

One quote from the report, sticks in my mind.

“I never thought about what was being modelled by my father and the impact on my health. … There’s a significant impact on families who have a dad who is unhealthy.”

To download the entire report Mens Health Matters Nov 2011

Check out this website for health information and strategies for all men in our community.


A Parent’s Guide to Activity

A Parent’s Guide to Activity

Want fit kids? Get fit together.  There’s really no way around it.  We can’t hope for a healthier lifestyle for our kids than we give ourselves.  It’s a win-win situation.

A Parent’s Guide to Activity

Click on this link to Participation for more information on how to get active.