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WOW in Hudson’s Hope

WOW in Hudson’s Hope

What a great day in Hudson’s Hope with the Words On Wheels Bus.  Our theme this month is Feelings and Families and we had varied family members on the bus today.  We had visiting grandmas and grandpas, aunties and moms out to play with their little ones.

Prespatou StrongStart

Prespatou StrongStart

After many renovations and much patience, Prespatou StrongStart is up and running.  From the looks of things they are sprinting.

Here, the kids are experimenting with the feel, smell, and properties of shaving foam.  Their faces tell us what joyful learning looks like.

Young children learn through their senses, touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.  We can do a lot for their future learning by giving them as many sensory experiences as possible.  We can use those experiences to foster language and self-regulation.

Check out this website for more information and ideas for sensory activities.

Sensory Learning

February 2012 Early Learning Calendars

February 2012 Early Learning Calendars

Duncan Cran StrongStart February 2012

Outreach StrongStart February 2012

Rotary Play Centre February 2012

WOW Bus February 2012

Hudson’s Hope StrongStart February 2012


January Early Learning Calendars

January Early Learning Calendars

Have a wonderful holiday! We’re excited to see you in the New Year.  Please e-mail Jaimelia with any ideas or concerns you have about early learning opportunities in FSJ.


250.794.7336 Call anytime.

Duncan Cran StrongStart Calendar January 2012

Robet Ogilvie StongStart Calendar January 2012

Outreach StrongStart Calendar January 2012

January2 WOW Bus Schedule 2012

Hudson’s Hope StrongStart Calendar January 2012

Virtual StrongStart Calendar January 2012

November Early Learning Calendars

November Early Learning Calendars


Pre-school Health Round-up -Wednesday, November 2nd

North Peace Cultural Centre

Health Fair for parents and children 3 and 4 years old.  Come see what services and programs are available to support your little one.  There will be balloons, prizes, face painting and lots of important information.

Daddy and Me Gym Night – 2nd Wednesday of each month at Robert Ogilvie.

Duncan Cran StrongStart Calendar NOVEMBER 2011

ROSS November Calendar 2011

RPC November Calendar 2011

WOW Bus Schedule November 2011

Hudson’s Hope StrongStart November 2011 Calendar

Outreach November 2011 Calendar

Virtual StrongStart Nov. 2011


October WOW Bus Calendar

October WOW Bus Calendar

On the road again.  Just can’t wait to get on the road again. . . .

We are excited to be back. We have many exciting themes planned for you this year.

Come visit us and meet Edie Wiebe, our new WOW Bus driver and program facilitator.

October WOW Bus Schedule 2011


October StrongStart Calendars

October StrongStart Calendars

Duncan Cran StrongStart Calendar October 2011


Robert Ogilvie StrongStart October Calendar


Outreach Calendar October 2011

Hudson’s Hope Calendar October 2011