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Early Learning Framework  Revised 2019 early_learning_framework(4)


DCSS 2013 005  Theory of Loose Parts Simon Nicholson, Open University

Here are some of the blogs and articles, books and ideas, which are currently inspiring our early learning programs.

IOLP_PostcardA_0412  Images of Learning Project blog.

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Pedagogical Narration: What’s it all about?  Kim Atkinson, The Early Childhood Educator, Fall 2012

The Quality is in the Conversation Stephen Petrucci and Jaimelia Turner, The Early Childhood Educator, Winter 2013

Inquiry is the medium; narrations are the message Jaimelia Turner and Lana Scott-Moncrieff, pending publication

Co-creating Schools of the Future Larry Espe, Lesley Lahaye, Tilburg University, 2010

Investigating Quality Project University of Victoria, 2007

Loose Parts Penn State, 2013

Your image of the child  Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Emelia, 1993

Images of Childhood  Reesa Sorin, James Cook University, 2005


Authentic Childhood:  Experiencing Reggio Emilia in the Classroom, Susan Fraser, 2011


Designs for Living and Learning:  Transforming Early Childhood Environments, Deb Carter, Margie Carter, 2003

Making your environment “The Third Teacher”  Margie Carter, Exchange, The Early Leader’s Magazine, 2007