Ready, Set, Learn

Ready, Set, Learn is a school readiness initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Ministry of Health.  Ready, Set, Learn provides an opportunity for elementary schools offering Kindergarten to influence school readiness of children. The funding provided to schools can be used to augment activities already underway in the school, District and community or can be used to support new activities for three-year-old children and their families. The intent is to facilitate partnerships between schools and local community agencies and early childhood service providers.


The purpose of Ready, Set, Learn is to address the following goals:

  • Assist elementary schools and local community partners in making early connections with families and young children.
  • Provide families with helpful information and community contacts.
  • Provide schools with an opportunity to promote their programs and services to families – to showcase their schools.
  • Facilitate an environment for community partners/agencies to provide advice and information to parents about services in the community.

Ready, Set, Learn events take place at different times and in different forms for each school.  Schools are encouraged to design their event(s) to best meet the unique needs of their community.  Please check with your local school or SD60 for updates on Ready Set Learn events.  Parents/caregivers, are welcome to attend events at any school, not just the one closest to their home.


Since the Pandemic began our Ready Set Learn has changed a little. Please follow the link below to check out our new series called “Jump Start to Learning”. Each month we will post an interactive page(s) with activities and stories to do at home with your early learning in preparedness for Kindergarten.


Jump Start to Learning