December Strong Start Schedules

As the temperature plummets, it gets more and more difficult to get little ones out of the house.  But if we’re stuck in the house, we can all go a little crazy.  We hope that Strong Start offers your family an option for play and recreation during the colder months.  Please come see us!

Lana, Pam and Toby

Hudson’s Hope SS December Calendar

Duncan Cran StrongStart Calendar Dec.2010

Outreach SS December Calendar

Robert Ogilvie SS December Calendar

Don’t forget the CDC has their play centre open now.  Try it out for something new!

Rotary Play Centre (CDC) Dec 2010

If you are interested in participating in play and learning opportunities right in your home, please contact Deb Wormley.  She runs the Virtual Strong Start program via the internet.  Here is her December schedule and the web-site link.

Virtual Strong Start December 2010

Contact the office at 1- 800-663-9511 ask for the Early Learning Program or email
Happy playing!