• The Family Place

    The Family Place at North Peace Community Resources (NPCRS) has programs to support your family through the winter.  The best thing about the the Family Place is the continuity of their programming.  Every event of this poster starts a new cycle in April.  So if you missed the Nobody’s Perfect Parenting or are interested in Daddy and Me,

  • February Early Learning calendars

    February can be a challenging month for young families in our community.  I start to feel the weight of winter sitting on my shoulders during this month.  We have Family Day to look forward to this year,

  • 6th Annual Parent Conference

    The 6th parent conference is Saturday, March 9th at North Peace Secondary School.  There are a few interesting twists this year.

    Attend alone or with your children.  You can bring your kids 3+ years and older.  Either register them for child minding (3 –

  • Self-Regulation with Colleen Politano

    Is self-regulation a term you’ve heard but are not yet comfortable using?  It stayed there for me for a long time, in the realm of educational jargon.  Colleen Politano shares concrete examples and strategies of how we can support our children and ourselves regulate in an increasingly stimulating world.

  • Families in Motion – Robert Ogilvie

    Our Families in Motion event was well attended on Friday night at Robert Ogilvie.  We had 44 people attend, kids with their parents.  There were many pink cheeks, lots of giggles and hugs.  We all got lots of exercise and had lots of FUN!

  • Families in Motion is Friday, January 18th

    This is a post from last week.  Nothing has changed.  I just hope you can come!  See you tomorrow!

    Who:  Families with children aged 6 and under
    What:  Guided indoor fitness and fun for families
    When: Friday,

  • FSJ Library French Story Time

    In partnership with Canadian Parents for French, the Fort St. John Public Library is hosting french story time.  All children are welcome to attend. It doesn’t matter if you can speak french.  Come for fun and to experience stories in another language.  We’ll teach you a few words,

  • FSJ Library Camp-In (sleep-over)

    The Literacy Day Camp-in was amazing last year.  It’s happening again.  January 26th is the big day to sleep over, play games, “roast marshmallows” and listen to stories.  It’s a whole new way to experience the library.  Come see if the books really do whisper at night.  Register your camp site today by calling Morgan at the library.

  • French Immersion Kindergarten

    There will be an information session for parents interested in Kindergarten French Immersion, Thursday, January 24th at 6:30 pm at Central School.  Registration for all Kindergarten programs starts February 1st, 2013.
    Please call the school with any questions or for more information,