• Too cold to play in the snow…

    So we played with “snow” inside!  Here is a fun and messy art activity- Equal parts shaving cream and white glue…Puffy Paint that looks like snow!  When it dries it remains puffy!
    Optional-add food colouring

  • Snow!

    During circle Wednesday, we read the book, “The Snowy Day”.  It is about a little boy who wakes up to snow and goes outside and explores his neighborhood.  He plays in the snow, makes footprints and shakes a snow covered branch.  He also tries to join older children in a snowball fight but finds he is too young.  At the end,

  • Rainbow Blizzard

    This week we have been adding some fun and colour to our very cold winter days!  We used droppers with paint and a salad spinner to paint “snowflakes”.  The droppers provided great fine motor strengthening to their fingers and hands as well as great hand-eye coordination to strategically place the coloured drops on to the paper.   Once the children were satisfied with the amount of drops,