• The Family Place

    Here is the May/June calendar for The Family Place at the North Peace Community Resources Society.  The spring session of Nobody’s Perfect Parenting is already full but there will be another session in the fall.  Mother Goose continues Thursday evenings and Friday mornings until mid-June.  Family Fun Night is over for this season but will start again in the fall.  Daddy and Me May events are Gym Night,

  • Let’s get a little messy!


    Today at the artsyfARTsy family art event, we got a little messy!  We staged an art project by asking kids at the Mall to help us splatter paint a volunteer lying on canvas.  We had hoped it was going to be FUN but weren’t sure how people would receive it.

  • Daddy and Me Community Events

    The events are up and running again after a short break for funding negotiations!  This year, we’re promoting both events on the same poster to make your life simpler.  Spread the word about the essential role male caregivers play in the lives of our children.  Although the title infers it,

  • artsyfARTsy – FREE family art activities

    The Totem Mall is being invaded on Saturday, April 28th with everything artsyfARTsy.  Our theme this month is ECO and DIGITAL art.
    FREE activities for whole family include:
    T-Shirt Painting, Jackson Pollock style painting,

  • May Early Learning Calendars

    Dates to Remember:
    May 9th:  Daddy and Me Gym Night – Robert Ogilvie, 6 – 7:30 see below
    May 11th: Families in Motion – Duncan Cran, 6 – 7:30 see below
    May 11th: Non Instructional Day –

  • Lay-n-go – Wow!

    I found this amazing tool yesterday.   It’s a bit pricey but if I never have to step on another piece of lego, it might be worth it.
    It’s worth checking out the informercial. They ship to Canada.

  • Stroller Fit


    The City of Fort St. John is hosting a fitness class called “StrollerFit”!  Instructors will give healthy eating tips, tips for “StrollerFit” at home and how to get your whole family involved.

  • School Calendar 2012/13

    Are you sending your child to school for the first time next September.  The School District publishes its yearly calendar about this time every spring.  Here is the calendar for schools in and around Fort St.