• May Daddy and Me events

    Both May events are early in the month.  Hope we’ve given you enough notice.  As always, these events are FREE and drop-in.  Come when you can; Pam and Jaimelia are always happy to see you.

    To download and print this poster,

  • May StrongStart calendars

    Usually it is April when we see a resurgence of families at StrongStart due to the milder weather.  Although we are still getting a healthy number of families attending, we are still waiting for the spring rush.  Hopefully May brings us some sunny days and above zero temperatures.  Ha!  Hope to see you soon!

  • The Ripple Effect of Resiliency

    Dr. Martin Brokenleg’s work on belonging, Dr. Richard Neufeld’s on attachment, Dr. Stuart Shanker’s on self-regulation and Mary Gordon’s Roots of Empathy program all resonate with me when working with children or raising my own kids.  Belonging,

  • The Family Place

    Many Family Place programs are winding down. But Parent/Child Mother Goose and Daddy and Me contintue until June.  Drop by.

    To download or print this poster, click 2013 April-June Poster

  • Early Learning in 90 minutes

    This site is sometimes bloggish, sometimes an event calendar, sometimes a celebration of local successes.  Today I’m aiming for a blog.
    I was asked to speak to a group of moms last night about early learning.  As I struggled with what to speak about,

  • Daddy and Me

    The schedule for Daddy and Me is confirmed until December 2013.  We are entering our seventh year of events around the community and the third year of gym nights.  Many thanks to Pam at The Family Place for her ongoing coordination and enthusiasm.

  • Active children manage stress better

    As always, on this site, I strive to explain the link between physical activity, play and learning.  Current brain research tells us that we learn best while moving and doing interesting, new things.  Dr. John Medina is an award winning author who explains these links simply and clearly.  In a nutshell,

  • Welcome back to StrongStart!

    Welcome back!  Hope to see you soon at StrongStart.
    Here is some information about StrongStart, if you are new to our programs.