• The debate about playgrounds

    As play becomes a hotly debated topic with scholars and parents, another concern is surfacing, safety.  The argument is that too much “safety” takes the fun out of play and may even hinder our children’s healthy development.

  • Daddy and Me – December events

    Daddy and Me Gym Night is always the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Robert Ogilvie from 6 – 7:30.  This month the community Daddy and Me event is hosted by the North Peace Cultural Centre.

  • December StrongStart calendars

    If you’re feeling shocked that December is already here, you’re not alone!  But as the excitement of the holiday grows, we hope you will include us in your weekly plans.  StrongStart can be a great venue to use up the extra energy that seems to bubble over this time of year.  Check out Robert Ogilvie’s extra gym time.

  • Nativity Display

    The LDS church is hosting their annual nativity display again this year.  Regardless of your religious background, the display is beautiful and engaging.  There are over 300 nativity scenes of many styles. It is a free event for the whole family.

  • 2nd annual FSJ Library Stuffed Animal Sleepover

    The amazing Morgan, has invited another round of stuffies to sleep over at the FSJ Library next Friday.  This year the host is Scaredy Squirrel and it promises to be lots of fun.  But knowing Scaredy Squirrel,

  • How do kids learn?

    Parents are always asking themselves, each other and experts what they can do to help their young children be happy and healthy.  The current research on the brain is helping me navigate my own parenting journey.  The best books I’ve read lately are Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby.  They’re easy to read and give very clear information about how to work smarter not harder as a parent.

  • Daddy and Me

    Tonight was our biggest Daddy and Me gym night.  We had 16 dads and 21 kids out to Robert Ogilvie Elementary. These kids got 60 minutes or more of active play.  I am so pleased to be a part of a community where Dads are valued and physical activity is a priority.  What a great night!

  • Active Play

    I really loved this blog post from Participaction. It is a call to action for ACTIVE PLAY.
    Click this photo to read the ACTIVE PLAY blog. 
    Click here to link to the main Participaction site 
    Daddy and Me is a FREE,

  • NPLP Pre-School Play Day

    Take part in FUN activities and games geared toward children 5 and under every 2nd Thursday of each month.  The DISNEY themed PLAY DAY is 10:30 am – 12:00 pm tomorrow.

    To download this poster,

  • Daddy and Me – November events

    The Dinosaur event is always super fun and well attended.  You and your little one will have LOTS of fun.  The gym nights have been slowly growing and are a great way to get exercise, learn to interact with others and play in a boisterous environment.  Hope to see you at one or both of the events.