• December Outreach StrongStart Calendar

    Outreach December Calendar for Taylor, Prespatou, Clearview and Upper Pine.  To download and print, click Outreach SS Calendar Dec 2014

  • FSJ StrongStart Calendar – December

    Fort St. John StrongStart Centers – Duncan Cran Elementary School and Robert Ogilvie Elementary School.  To download and print, click FSJ StrongStart December 2014  

  • Sometimes it is not about painting a picture that is important, it is often the process and experience!  In this case it was about the way the paint felt as it was squished between the […]

  • Because that is what bear eyes look like!

    A few children were at the art table; I had bear shaped paper, googly eyes markers, glue, and of course scissor!  I was very curious as to what I observed…the children were cutting googly eyes […]

  • After our turkey bone experiment, we decided to try water and vinegar with eggs! Once again each child made a guess as to what they thought would happen to the egg in water and egg […]

  • “Science Rocks” at Duncan Cran Preschool

    Science is all around us!  Science is a fun and exciting way to experience, discover, wonder, question and understand the world around us…we ask questions, we make guesses and learn through hands-on experiences how thing […]