Stuffed Animal Sleepover with Pete the Cat at FSJ Public Library

Kids can drop their stuffed friends off with Pete at the Library before 9:00pm on Friday, November 28th, and pick them up the next morning at 9:00am on Saturday, November 29th. We will have hot chocolate and snacks, and watch a video of everything the stuffies got up to overnight!  For more information, please contact Morgan Peltier at the FSJ Public Library:


November 28th, 2014

Pete the Cat: Snoring in my Sleepover Shoes

It’s that time again! Time for the 4th-Annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover!  This year, children’s book star Pete the Cat is hosting a huuuge, groooovy sleepover party for stuffed animals in Fort St John. After the Library closes and the Librarians go home, the stuffies will get to work, decorating the Library for Christmas and trying to stay out of trouble…which isn’t always easy: last year, the stuffed animals had a race on the book carts, which ended in a huge crash! You can check out some of our sleepover videos here!

Gerald the elephant, who hosted last year’s party with his friend Piggie, has some advice for Pete:

“Pete! You will have so much fun! You will have ENORMOUS amounts of fun! Maybe…maybe…MAYBE you will have so much fun that you will make new friends! And you can go HOME with a new friend!”

“Hooray!” says Piggie.

And it’s true! Pete will go home with one lucky new friend in the morning, just like the previous years’ hosts, including Elephant and Piggie; Scaredy Squirrel, and the Pigeon.

Pete is looking forward to having a groovy time, and maybe rocking out in his sleepover shoes. He is a bit worried that he might get homesick, since this is his first sleepover, but will he cry? Goodness, no! He’ll just carry on, singin’ his song,

“I love my sleepover shoes, I love my sleepover shoes!

I love my sleepover shoes, I love my sleepover shoes!”