• Year End Celebration!

    Year end celebration at the Pomeroy Skating Oval…riding bikes, cupcakes and friends!

  • Preschool Play at Matthew’s Park

    Once again, Duncan Cran Preschool went on a “field trip.”  We all met at school and then walked to Matthew’s Park where we played on the playground, swings and had snack!  We then caught the city bus back to school.  It was a fantastic fun time!

  • Duncan Cran StrongStart Play at Matthew’s Park

    Once again, Duncan Cran StrongStart went on a “field trip.”  We all met down at Matthew’s Park where we played with bubbles, on the playground and had snack!  Despite the cooler temperatures it was a fantastic turn out!  

  • Duncan Cran Preschool Goes to the Community Forest…twice!!

    Our community forest trips were a huge success!   
    In January, we walked through the forest and enjoyed some activities in a clearing in the forest.  The children had a blast painting the snow and really enjoyed the snow cones!  Many children had several!!  We did not see any wildlife,

  • Duncan Cran StrongStart goes back to the Forest!

    Wednesday, May 30 Duncan Cran StrongStart ventured out on yet another field trip to the Fish Creek Community Forest.
    Together we explored the forest on the walking trail with warmer temperatures and without the snow this time.  At the end of our nature walk,

  • “Only One You”

    We read the book “Only One You” by Linda Kranz.  The story focuses on a fish named Adri whose parents decided it was time to share some wisdom with him.  Some of the wisdom shared was “Find your own way,