• StrongStart Year End Celebration!

    Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate yet another successful year of StrongStart!  Despite the cloudy weather, it was well attended with both in town StrongStart families as well as many Outreach StrongStart families!

  • Childbirth Focus Group

    The Northern Health Authority and UNC are hosting two focus groups in Fort St John later this week -  Thursday at Community Bridge and Friday at the FSJ Health Unit.  For more information, contact Amber Hui,

  • We grew French Fries!!!

    We grew FRENCH FRIES…potatoes!!!
    (Well the start and a little help)!
    I struggled with the decision to let them find what was grown naturally or stick a few potatoes in the soil for them to find!

  • SD60 wants you to know, you are your child’s first teacher

    Tip of the Month for June – feelings & emotions.  Children who can identify and name their own feelings and recognize feelings in others have an easier time both learning and building relationships.  These monthly tips are aimed at helping families enrich the preschool lives of their children,

  • Discovery, wonders and excitement of nature!

    “Contact with nature may be as important to children as good nutrition and adequate sleep” (Gill 2005)
    I have had the opportunity the last several weeks to experience some of nature’s most wondrous transformations with the children!

  • Primary’s Away…StrongStart will Play!!!

    This morning I received an order including two new plasma cars. A child helped me and Theresa build them and repair a third. Because the primary classes went on a field trip, our end of the school was empty!!!