We grew French Fries!!!


We grew FRENCH FRIES…potatoes!!!
(Well the start and a little help)!
I struggled with the decision to let them find what was grown naturally or stick a few potatoes in the soil for them to find! I decided that it would be more rewarding and send the strong message to the children hands-on where we get our food!
We were still able to see the natural start to potatoes on the roots and the excitement of actually finding potatoes!
We then made french fries and ate them! According to the children they were the best french fries ever!!!!
While eating the snack they brought there were many connections made to the food and origin: “Look, my white cheese stick is made of cows milk”, “my cucumber came from a garden”, and discussed that pickles came from a garden as well…
I think that this has been a great learning experience for all of us and excited to have planted that seed (pun intended…LOL) within the children that our food comes from the hard work and care of farmers or homegrown and not magically appearing on the shelves of “Walmart” or the “Grocery store”!