The debate about playgrounds

As play becomes a hotly debated topic with scholars and parents, another concern is surfacing, safety.  The argument is that too much “safety” takes the fun out of play and may even hinder our children’s healthy development.

Here are two voices on that topic.

Are playgrounds too safe?  Click to listen to this interview with Jian Gomeshi from Q, CBC, and Harry Harbottle of the German playground manufacturer Richter Spielgerate. Mr. Harottle argues that an excess of concern about minor injuries means many playgrounds are being dumbed down to the point where they no longer offer a challenge to children.

Are Playgrounds Too Safe? A cure for the overprotective parent by Cory St. Esprit.

For a longer article about how natural environments offer more challenges and opportunities for play, check out this Globe and Mail article.

How kids can reconnect with nature on the playground