During circle Wednesday, we read the book, “The Snowy Day”.  It is about a little boy who wakes up to snow and goes outside and explores his neighborhood.  He plays in the snow, makes footprints and shakes a snow covered branch.  He also tries to join older children in a snowball fight but finds he is too young.  At the end, he makes a snowball and puts it in his pocket for later and heads inside.  In the morning he checks his pocket and his snowball is gone…

This sparked a conversation about his snowball, where it went and inspired a science experiment.

We filled three bowls with snow and decided we would keep one on the counter, one in the fridge and one in the freezer.  The children predicted as to what would happen to the snow in each bowl.  All agreed that the snow on the counter would melt, some children guessed that the snow in the fridge would melt and some that it would remain snow.  Again all the children agreed that the snow in the freezer would remain as snow.

Thursday we looked at all three bowls…the snow on the counter and in the fridge melted and the snow in the freezer remained snow.

The children said it was because the freezer was cold like outside!