ADHD may be overdiagnosed in youngest classmates

This CBC article opens the door for more discussion about what ADHD really is and what it means for younger aged students and boys.  I don’t have all the answers but if a certain group is more highly represented by this “developmental disorder”, we should all be asking ourselves a few more questions; what is being done to change the environment for the child instead of the child for the environment.

ADHD may be overdiagnosed in

youngest classmates

‘Less mature children’ in a class are ‘inappropriately labelled and treated’: UBC researcher

Sir Ken Robinson speaks eloquently about the structure of our educational system in this YouTube clip. He touches on ADHD and offers a very intriguing editorial on how to “treat” it.   In this time of educational upheaval, there is always more opportunity for discussion about who we are as parents, as educators, as members of this community.

Changing Educational Pardigms