June Early Learning Calendars

Where did the winter go?  It’s ironic how long the school year lasts and then, in retrospect, how quickly it seems to have passed.  My parents tell me it’s like that with parenting.  Like many of you, I’m still in the thick of that part of my life.  Enjoy this month of programming with us and enjoy your summer break.  We’ll miss all of you!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions over the summer.  I’m just a click, text or phone call away.  I can help you find summer programs, registered and licensed childcare, pre-school opportunities and family supports. If I don’t have answers for you, it’s my job to help you find them.  Happy June!

Jaimelia Turner  jturner@prn.bc.ca  250.794.7336

Duncan Cran StrongStart Calendar JUNE 2012

Robert Ogilvie StrongStart Calendar June 2012

StrongStart Year End Party June 20, 2012

Outreach StrongStat Calendar June 2012

Hudson’s Hope StrongStart Calendar June 2012

WOW Bus Schedule June 2012

Rotary Play Centre Calendar June 2012