A dancing perspective

The weather put a damper on the Family Week Barn Dance.  We had a smaller crowd than expected for the dance at Alwin Holland.   By 7:45, though, my daughter and I had made a dozen new friends, danced for 90 minutes, run around the gym and laughed enough for a week.  It was a magical night!

I was quite surprised and humbled by her perception of the evening.  At first, I was feeling disappointed by the low numbers.  Unprompted, she turned to me and said, “A lot of people can to dance, heh, Mom?  This is really fun!”  Apparently, for her, there were enough.  Upon reflection, I had to agree.  It was a privilege to dance with families who knew how to have fun!  At 7:30, when the dancing stopped, no one left.  The kids ran, played and the adults stayed to visit.  It was un-rushed and lovely.  Many thanks to everyone who shared the evening with us.