Parenting Series – The Power of Attachment

We are learning that the softer side of parenting and educating can be more important than anything else we do with kids.  In essence, it is not what we do with children that matters; it’s who we are in their lives that counts.  With so much information about educating our children and parenting, in general, we can start to doubt our own abilities.  Learning about attachment can help parents use their intuition to lead their children.


9 – 12 pm for parents

1 – 4 pm for educators

To download and print this poster, please click Parenting Series – Attachment.Nov 2013

On Saturday, November 23, you are invited to come meet Dr. Sonia Vellet, an attachment pyschologist from Vancouver, who can help us harness attachment research to work peacefully and successfully with our kids.  It has been proven that children with strong attachments to the adults in their lives fare well academically and socially.  We hope to see you at the Child Care Resource and Referral office to learn with us later this month.

Dr. Gordon Neufeld, another attachment advocate from Vancouver, granted this interview recently, explaining some basic attachment concepts.   This interview might unsettle you a bit.  It can open up a lot of new questions.  Although the interview is quite long, the conclusion at 17:00 is worth the time.

Please come to discuss your ideas and questions with other parents and with Dr. Vellet on November 23rd.