What’s your enviroment saying?

“Recently the early learning team and myself, had the opportunity to do some research into how we could make our environments (aka: classrooms) reflect more of our personal message and feelings.  We went to several different early learning sites around the province and had the opportunity to see some great and inspiring spaces.

Du405ring our touring, I was inspired by one centres easel. I know what your thinking… their easel.. really Pam?

The easel in this centre was layered with what looked like years of paint….

. And it was Wonderful!!!

The easel looked like a piece of art and inspired me to want to grab some paper and start painting my own masterpiece.I was intrigued by the fact that not one teacher or adult in the room told the children or myself, for that matter, that it was ok to get paint on the easel. We just knew by the message the easel was relaying to us.

So… I stopped washing my paint easel…

I didn’t say anything to the parents about what I was doing and why…

Then it happened and is still happening to this day, the general feeling that its ok to get creative in that area without having to have the feeling that if you got paint on anything other then the paper you might be “in trouble”. Parents stopped shadowing their children. This gave the children the opportunity to really make some great art. Now instead of parents running to put up the paint pots from their two and three year olds, they are allowing the children to explore with the paint.. even if that means not using the paintbrushes..lol

With all this said, I now look at areas in my classroom and think about what that specific area is “saying” to the parents and children who come to play and explore. I stop and think “ Are the environments and experiences  that I am creating encouraging independent learning, without the pressure of feeling like we are in the wrong?

As a adult, are there environments that make you feel like this when you enter, maybe at work or even in your home?