Field Trip to the Fort St John Fire Hall

392412411406We successfully had our first field trip of the preschool school year. Robert Ogilvie preschool walked down from the school to the bus stop and caught the city bus all the way down to the Fort St John Fire Hall.( While waiting for the bus we were able to see a city snow plow truck close up plowing the street we were waiting on… very cool!!! ) On the bus we met up with Miss Lana and the Duncan Cran Preschool. Once on site at the fire hall, fire fighter Craig, was a great tour guide for the two classes. All the children had the opportunity to see the 911 call center, watch firefighter Craig dress up in all his fire fighting gear  and we were able to sit in two of the fire engines. At the end of the tour the children got to watch one of the other team members of the station, show us how they slide down the pole during a call out to an emergency. At the end we managed to get in a quick snack and head to our bus stop to catch the bus back to the preschools. We had a little wait at the bus stop and were almost worried we might have to walk back.. but in the end the bus came and we made it back to school, late, but safe.  There was good times had by all and I’m sure that the children will be talking about the Fire Hall for weeks to come. Robert Ogilvie children are already discussing building our own fire hall out of boxes in the up coming weeks. I’m excited to see where this field trip leads us on our classroom learning.  Thanks to all the parents for their help and patience during the field trip!!!!