Making Butter

So my Preschoolers and I for our Aprils Cooking Day, we made Butter. I had found this idea on the mother of ideas webpage…. you know that one with all the fun and super cool ideas that you can like and pin to a board of your choice to save for a rainy day… If you have ever been on said website you know that some times the ideas that you try do not always equate into a prefect experience. lol

I showed the children what tools we were to use.. A large quart mason jar… five marbles( they are the little things in the butter picture that look like mold. i had yet to pick them out before capturing that moment on film  lol ) and some heavy cream.  We all got the opportunity to shake the jar full of cream and got to hear the marbles rolling around inside to help mix up the cream.  IMG_0353The whole process took about 25 minutes from start to butter. Now if you are thinking of doing this learning event at home with your little people, here are some tips..

-let the children go off and play. There was no way that the children would have stayed interested in shaking for the whole time. I let my class go back to playing in the classroom while i walked around the room shaking the cream..( I have super pumped arm muscles when i was done)

– The longest time was trying to get the cream to turn to whipped cream. I almost stopped and thought i might have done something wrong.

– Three minutes after i had whipped cream… i began to see a ball of butter forming … i shook for another minute or so and voila!  butter.. .

The children thought i was awesome and as each stage happened i took the lid off and called the children over to see our progress.

The best part of course was spreading the butter and eating!!!!IMG_0358 IMG_0359 IMG_0357