Art-Michelangelo Style!

What is Art????

At what age does someone begin to appreciate fine art?

Are children too young?

I question who decided what is “child’s art” and “adult art”?

When looking at art of any there is no age to begin to

question the following:

*What do you see?

*How does this make you feel?

*What does it make you think about?

*Do you think there is a story behind this art work?

*What do you think the artist was thinking?

*What do you see that makes you say that?


Not only can children of all ages begin to appreciate art-paintings,

pictures, children illustrations/books, art books, etc…by exposing

children to wide variety of art and discussion you are giving them

language and expanding their vocabulary!!


One day we discussed “Michelangelo” and asked the question

how do you think he painted the ceiling of the “Sistine Chapel?”

Lots of ideas came up-reached up, a ladder, painted and hung

up the pictures!

Explained to the children that it was believed that he built a

scaffolding and lay on his back and painted the ceiling!

We decided to try drawing “Michelangelo Style!”

Paper was taped to the under-side of the tables and markers

were given.  All but one children lay down and drew their pictures,

one child sat under the table…

The next day I set up a “Michelangelo Style” Drawing Centre, it

has been a hit!  Some children were hesitant to lay down at first

but once they understood, a way they went!  The first child who

used the centre began to draw, then got up.  I thought she was done…

no she went to find a pillow to support her head-it wasn’t comfortable

without!The centre has been well used the last couple of weeks!

I think we may need to change it up and see how

“painting Michelangelo style” goes!!


There is much debate as to how Michelangelo really painted

the Sistine Chapel ceiling-once believed he lay on his back;

recently it is believed he stood!!  Regardless, laying on your

back has proved to be an enjoyable and entertaining way

to create a masterpiece!