Exploring Brains!!!!

While doing play dough, VG4 asked me if I could make her a brain.

“A human brain?” I asked

She agreed and I asked her if she knew what a human brain looked like. She said she didn’t so I showed her on my computer. This peeked the curiosity of another child at the same table also. Once they had looked at the image we all went back and tried to make what we though looked like a human brain. We talked about the overall shape and the squiggly lines  that the brain had. Once everyone was done ER4 went with his play dough version of a brain and headed over to my computer. My first instinct was to tell him to keep the play dough at the table…. Typical teacher comment. But I quickly saw that he was actually going over to the computer image to compare on whether his was resembling the image on the screen..



This discussion led to the talking of what had a brain and what didn’t. Trees don’t have brains, but birds do . That led to a search on the web for what a bird brain looked like…. We found that it looked quite similar but instead of all the lumps that human brains had , birds had smooth brain surfaces


What a great way to watch a child learn through comparison..

Little brains working  exploring new ideas today