Fire Drills-something to think about!!

Having StrongStart and Preschool as part of an elementary school, fire drills occur several times throughout the year.  The experience can be a confusing and frightening to any child-the fire alarm is loud, it is sudden and often unexpected, and can bring up many anxieties for children.  Even with warning many reactions are that of tears and fear!

It is required that I do fire drill practice monthly with the preschool class.  This usually is me calling out “Fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm”.  The children stop what they are doing line up and we proceed out of the school if the weather permits or to the boot room and discuss what we would do in the event of a real fire.  We also have many discussions at circle time with picture cards about the steps of a fire drill and why we practice them.  Even without the bell and lots of discussion, many children continue to react with tears or comments that they don’t want the loud bell, what will happen to their shoes/boots and backpacks left behind and that it is scary!

Children handle anticipation and experiences best if they first know what to expect and first hear about it and practice with their parents/families.

So I wonder…

*Do you have a fire safety plan?

*Do you practice at home?

*Has your child ever heard your smoke detector at home???