Making connections!!


In the fall, we read a listening story called “The Story of the Apple Star” and then cut open an apple and found the star!  It has been months later, yet W.S. pulled an apple out of his lunch and said to his friends, “my apple has a star in it!”  N.S. asked if my apple had a star too?  I told her it was a pear and I didn’t know if pears had stars inside like apples!  The children suggested that I get a knife and find the star in W.S. apple and see if pears had stars…sure enough we found stars in both!!!   I asked why and they said just like in the story, the fairy gave stars to the pear tree for growing so good!  

It was very exciting to see that learning from months ago has not been lost, they remembered details from the story and that the children are making connections…like stars in an apple as well as a pear!