“Snow Much Fun!”


Our first day back from the Christmas break, there was tons of freshly fallen snow outside.  I decided to bring snow in the class to play with as it was far too cold to play outside!  The snow was great fun, but as the temperatures continue to drop, I decided I was not up for collecting snow again…  So I decided we would make some ‘snow’ to play with!

I found a baby friendly recipe for cloud dough-rather than the possible eating of baby oil the original recipe calls for, we used vegetable oil!

We poured the 2 ingredients into the sensory bin and the fun began!  The mixing of the flour and oil was just as much fun as creating with the soft dough afterwards!

Not only was it very soft on the hands, baby safe, and fun…it created opportunity for a ton of language!!!  As I began to measure the flour counting each scoop out loud, the girls continued to count for me.  They were also using words like ‘soft’, ‘mix it’ and ‘squish it squish it’.

Although our clothing had flour dust all over, the actual dough was super easy to clean up-melts off your hands while washing and sweeps up easily!  GREAT FUN and EASY TO CLEAN at home!!!!

8 cups of flour and 1 cup of vegetable oil (or baby oil if you choose!)!