• CCRR May-June newsletter

    The Child Care Resource and Referral newsletter is always full of ideas for parents and caregivers as well as learning and networking opportunities.  If you would like more information about registered childcare in FSJ, click here.  CCRR


  • Top 5 toys for pre-schoolers

    What would you rate as your Top 5 toys?
    We live in an ultra modern world with gadgets galore. Our kids have access to more entertainment and interesting toys than any generation before us.  But is more better?  Check out this article on what kids really want and need to develop 21 century skills.  It might not be what you expect but it makes sense.  Plus it’s cheeky and I love irreverent views on what we’re “supposed”

  • Reading with Ronald

    Come clown around in the Library!
    On Thursday, May 24th  at 6:30pm, Ronald McDonald will be visiting the Children’s Area in the Fort St John Public Library! Ronald will be reading stories, telling jokes and doing some really cool magic tricks!

  • Powerful FASD message

    Ever think about how a message is shared can touch and motivate, frustrate or simply bore you to tears?  Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a complex issue which many people dread addressing.  I have found information about FASD enlightening and encouraging,

  • Hidden sugar

    This is the coolest anti-sugar campaign I’ve ever seen. What a hilarious way to get us thinking about what we put into our body.  Pass this on!

  • Daddy and Me – May events

    This is an excellent video clip on the importance of rough and tumble play.  Although this is not always the case, it is often Dads and other male caregivers who provide this kind of learning for kids.