Daddy and Me March events

As usual, both events this month are active, creative and open ended.  Our objective with Daddy and Me is to celebrate dads and all that they bring to the lives of children.  Obviously not all dads participate in these type of events but we hope that all dads recognize the importance of a male role model in the lives of young people.  Whatever your active play looks like, do it early and often with the little people in your life.

Here is an excerpt from the blog LiveScience on The Science of Fatherhood:  Why Dads matter

What’s most important, [researcher Laura] Padilla-Walker said, is that fathers realize they matter. Quality time is important, she said.  “That doesn’t mean going on fancy vacations. It can be playing ball in the backyard or watching a movie with your kids,” she said. “Whatever it is, just make yourself available and when you’re with your children, be with them.”

Daddy and Me March poster  2013

To download or print this poster, click Daddy and Me March 2013.

We hope to see you at one or both events.  The schedule for the rest of the year is on hold until funding is secured.  For more information, contact Pam Lillico at North Peace Community Resources. 250.785.6021  ext. 232.