Our First Bulletin Board

Recently our preschool class was offered a bulletin board in the school hallway!  The children and myself took a walk through the school halls to look at bulletin boards, explaining that all the classes hung up their work for everyone to see what they were working on.  We then discussed ideas of what we could do to show on our board.  A new poem was introduced to the class about a bunny who eats the snowman’s carrot nose!  The children loved the poem and thought we should then make snowmen!  After seeing their work on the wall, they decided we needed bunnies to “eat the snowman’s carrot nose!’


photo 1              photo 2


Over the last few weeks it has been inspiring to see the joy, excitement and pride the children have expressed as they showed the bulletin board to their families.  And each time we walk down the hallway to library or gym, we need to stop and admire our `work`.