“Wee Ones” Can Weekly Wednesday Newsletter

Happy Mother’s Day May 10th

Early Learning Ideas for Home

For the week of May 6th-13th

Things we can do Everyday: 

These are activities that you may already be doing or that you can build off of and make them yours.  See where it takes you…

  • Set the table in a special way for a mother’s day tea OR any daily snack time.  Are there fancy dishes you only use for a special occasion-well today is the day!  Place out fancy napkins, flowers in a vase, real tea cups, etc…  
  • With the days getting warmer find a sunny spot in the yard or on the deck to lay out a blanket and read books together

Playful Literacy Ideas: 

Decide which activity you’d like to do or do them all this week. 

Playful Numeracy Ideas: 

Decide which activity you’d like to do or do them all this week. Now that we are starting to plant gardens, flower beds and pots let’s find nurmerance opportunities there. 

  • Plant flowers and vegetables with your child.  Open the packages of seeds and talk about the differences in size, shape, colour, which packages have more or less.  When planting the seeds outside or transplanting plants into the garden, discuss and measure the spacing and depth of the seed/plant
  • Track the growth-use a stick for tracking the date and height of the plants and flowers.  Have your child guess how tall the plant or flower will grow.
  • Click on the following link form Sage Street for a fun fitness activity with your child and even more challenging options for adults: Spell Your Name Workout

Art and Craft Ideas:

  • Here is a great Mother’s Day keepsake you can do together.  You could even put mom’s handprint and let dry and add your child’s handprint on top!   Click on the following link for directions from Christina Maria blog:  Handprint vase
  • Make a special card or even on a canvas for mom or grandma with your handprints and poem.  Click on the following link from Fun Handprint Art blog:  Handprint card and poem
  • Can’t get out to buy mom or grandma for mother’s day?  No problem, click on the link from Easy Peasy and Fun to make a paper bouquet:  Paper flowers

Some Cool Science:

  • Teach your child about growing seeds and the germination process without dirt!  Try a variety of seeds and watch them grow!  Click on the Scholastic link for directions:         Watch seeds grow 
  • Make a sweet treat by incorporating math, language and science…yum!  Click on Annabel Karmel’s link for easy cupcakes recipe Easy Cupcakes Recipe

A Moment for Parents 

 These are links and/or ideas for parents to support their early learners while at home. 

  • Every Thursday evening Scholar’s Choice is offering a free webinar for parents/educators.  Each week there is a different guest speaker: discussing how to keep your children captivated, engaged and having fun during this extended school and childcare shutdown. Click on the following link to register: 
  • Grab a tea or coffee and notebook and take 5 minutes for you and your self-care. Journal writing is a great way to get your thoughts and feelings out of your head, focus on what you’re grateful for, set goals or dream of the future.  Click the following link from Simply Fiercely:   â€œ5 WAYS TO USE YOUR JOURNAL FOR SELF CARE”
  • Here is a YouTube link that gives a great visual for other journal ideas: Journal Ideas