Wee Ones Weekly Newsletter

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Early Learning Ideas for Home

For the week of May 20th-27th 

Things we can do Everyday: 

These are activities that you may already be doing or that you can build off of and make them yours.  See where it takes you…

  • Read, read, read-read stories with your child or have your child read to you.  Talk about the story throughout, have your child predict what will happen next.  
  • At family meal time, share your “High” and “Low” of the day or your “Sweet” and “Sour”  (Best part/not so great part).

Playful Literacy Ideas: 

Decide which activity you’d like to do or do them all this week. Here are some great “Spring” themed stories: 

Playful Numeracy Ideas: 

Decide which activity you’d like to do or do them all this week. 

  • Try going outside and collecting some rocks and using them in this really cool way of making shapes or just letting your child see what they can make with the lines. 

From Pinterest: Rock Shapes 

  • Try going outside and instead of making the regular old “Hop-Scotch”. Make some shapes with your chalk and try playing “Shape-Scotch”. 

Here’s the Link from Pinterest: Shape Jumping Game

Art and Craft Ideas:

  • Collect and paint rocks-place them in your garden or play hide ‘n seek around the yard.  Painting too messy, use paint brushes and water!

(Google Image)

  • Here is a really cool recipe for Chalk Paint for those nice outside days. From Pinterest: Chalk Paint                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Some Cool Science:

A Moment for Parents 

 These are links and/or ideas for parents to support their early learners while at home. 

  • Have you checked out the SD#60 Virtual Early Learning websites yet?  Here is the link: Virtual Early Learning
  • Now that the province is reopening here’s a link from the BC Government with all the info for you to know before taking our family out. Reopening of BC