Wee One’s Weekly Newsletter

Early Learning Ideas for Home

For the week of June 24-July 1st 

Just a reminder that all COVID 19 Updates can be found on the School District 60 Website Prn.bc.ca

Things we can do Everyday: 

These are activities that you may already be doing or that you can build off of and make them yours.  See where it takes you…

  • Remember to say “ I Love You”. Try to find the time to tell your loved ones you care. The more our children hear it from us the more they will grow and repeat it back. 

Playful Literacy Ideas: 

Decide which activity you’d like to do or do them all this week. Here are some great Summer time activity themed stories: 

Playful Numeracy Ideas: 

Decide which activity you’d like to do or do them all this week. 

  • Whats better balloon fun but Water Balloon Fun! Add some letters and you have a great outside sunny day activity. Here’s the Link from Pinterest: Water Balloon Fun
  • Here’s a great matching game for in the camper or just sitting around on the deck. All you need is a deck of cards. Pinterest has the link: Card Matching 

Art and Craft Ideas

  • Try some spray chalk for some sidewalk or driveway fun. Pinterest has all the ideas: Spray Chalk 
  • Frozen Paint! Just remind your littles that they are not popsicles …. Frozen Paint 

Some Cool Science:

  • Here is a great science for the days you’re camping… and you get to eat the finished project. Solar Smores 

A Moment for Parents 

 These are links and/or ideas for parents to support their early learners while at home. 

  • There is nothing more that I love than a schedule…. Heres a great way to keep in routine for the summer with your kids. From Pinterest : Daily Summer Schedule