Physical Activity – friendly reminder

Physical Activity – friendly reminder

As we head back to school, I am trying to get my family more active.  Weird, right?  We were outside a lot over the summer but it was a quiet, restful time.   Going back to school and work reminds me to get moving.   For some people, routine weighs them down but my family thrives on it.  Whatever September means for your family, here is some useful information.

If you’d like to print these guidelines, click below

Physical Activity Guidelines for 0 – 4 years

Physical Activity Guidelines for 5 – 11 years

To download guidelines for teens, adults and seniors, go to the CSEP website.  You will also find information there about sedentary behaviours and how to avoid them.

CSEP website

If you’d like more information from ParticipACTION! about active and outdoor play, click below

Active Play-Fact Sheet

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