• Animals in Winter

    We have been talking the last few classes about animals in the winter. The children have been introduced to the words and meanings “hibernate” (most familiar with this one), “migrate” and “adapt”. We have also […]

  • Making connections!!

      In the fall, we read a listening story called “The Story of the Apple Star” and then cut open an apple and found the star!  It has been months later, yet W.S. pulled an […]

  • Fire Drills-something to think about!!

    Having StrongStart and Preschool as part of an elementary school, fire drills occur several times throughout the year.  The experience can be a confusing and frightening to any child-the fire alarm is loud, it is […]

  • Happy Halloween at Preschool!

    We had a great Halloween party at Duncan Cran Preschool…played many games, danced with scarves, Halloween parade through the school and lots of great snacks!  Thank you to all the families who came to celebrate […]

  • Windmills and Filters

        CB was playing at the sensory table with the “Tinker Toys”, He showed me proudly that he had built a “windmill”. I asked him “how does it work. He told me clearly that […]

  • 2017 Early Years Community Survey

      The Fort St. John Early years Centre, in partnership with the Family Friendly Coalition, wants to learn about the experiences of families raising children in our community. The information collected will be used to […]