• March Early Learning calendars

    March is a short month for SD60 early learning programs.  Spring Break comes a bit earlier than usual this year.  Schools are closed from March 17 – March 28.  Programs re-open on Monday, March 31st. […]

  • January StrongStart and Rotary Play Centre calendars

    The transition from December to January always feels weird.  We have to start getting ready for January so early.  Although having a break from the everyday is welcome, the rush up to the holiday can […]

  • StrongStart October Calendars

    Our programs are running full strength again.  Library and gym times are all arranged.  Come join us for our evening, Family StrongStart nights on October 7th at Duncan Cran and October 10th at Robert Ogilvie. […]

  • New StrongStart schedules

    Following feedback from parents, we have been able to juggle our staffing to improve our StrongStart hours.  Both Duncan Cran StrongStart and Robert Ogilvie StrongStart are now open every morning, Monday – Friday, from 8:30 […]

  • May StrongStart calendars

    Usually it is April when we see a resurgence of families at StrongStart due to the milder weather.  Although we are still getting a healthy number of families attending, we are still waiting for the […]

  • March Early Learning calendars

    March is coming in like a lamb. I hope the beautiful weather gets lots of families out of the house.  Winter can feel so long here.  But there are many wonderful people at StrongStart and […]

  • February Early Learning calendars

    February can be a challenging month for young families in our community.  I start to feel the weight of winter sitting on my shoulders during this month.  We have Family Day to look forward to […]

  • January StrongStart calendars

    To download and print this calendar click here, Duncan Cran StrongStart JANUARY 2013 To download and print this calendar click here, Robert Ogilvie StrongStart JANUARY 2013 To download and print this calendar click here, Hudson’s […]

  • December StrongStart calendars

    If you’re feeling shocked that December is already here, you’re not alone!  But as the excitement of the holiday grows, we hope you will include us in your weekly plans.  StrongStart can be a great […]