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Daddy and Me

Daddy and Me

The schedule for Daddy and Me is confirmed until December 2013.  We are entering our seventh year of events around the community and the third year of gym nights.  Many thanks to Pam at The Family Place for her ongoing coordination and enthusiasm.

2013 Daddy and Me calendar (1)

To download or print this calendar, click April – Dec 2013 Daddy and Me Calendar

For more information please contact:

Pam Lillico at The Family Place 785-6021 ext.232

Jaimelia Turner at SD60 262.6040



Active children manage stress better

Active children manage stress better
Active children manage stress better

As always, on this site, I strive to explain the link between physical activity, play and learning.  Current brain research tells us that we learn best while moving and doing interesting, new things.  Dr. John Medina is an award winning author who explains these links simply and clearly.  In a nutshell, sitting, listening and writing are not the best ways to learn new ideas.

We also learn best when we manage stress.  All people, children included, manage stress best when their bodies are active.  And it doesn’t need to be expensive, structured sports.  Any kind of active play supports the body, heart and mind.  Check out this great post on how active children manage stress.

Study: Active children manage stress better

Jan 2013-2

And check out these former posts

The importance of Vitamin N (nature) in the physical and emotional health of our families.

What is self-regulation and why should I care?


Daddy and Me March events

Daddy and Me March events

As usual, both events this month are active, creative and open ended.  Our objective with Daddy and Me is to celebrate dads and all that they bring to the lives of children.  Obviously not all dads participate in these type of events but we hope that all dads recognize the importance of a male role model in the lives of young people.  Whatever your active play looks like, do it early and often with the little people in your life.

Here is an excerpt from the blog LiveScience on The Science of Fatherhood:  Why Dads matter

What’s most important, [researcher Laura] Padilla-Walker said, is that fathers realize they matter. Quality time is important, she said.  “That doesn’t mean going on fancy vacations. It can be playing ball in the backyard or watching a movie with your kids,” she said. “Whatever it is, just make yourself available and when you’re with your children, be with them.”

Daddy and Me March poster  2013

To download or print this poster, click Daddy and Me March 2013.

We hope to see you at one or both events.  The schedule for the rest of the year is on hold until funding is secured.  For more information, contact Pam Lillico at North Peace Community Resources. 250.785.6021  ext. 232.

March Early Learning calendars

March Early Learning calendars

March is coming in like a lamb. I hope the beautiful weather gets lots of families out of the house.  Winter can feel so long here.  But there are many wonderful people at StrongStart and the Rotary Play Centre waiting to cheer you.  The easiest way to get through the winter season with small kids is get outside.  The 2nd best way is to come to our play based, parent participation learning centres.

StrongStart programs don’t run during the school spring break March 18 – April 1.  Rotary Play Centre, though, is only closing from March 25 – April 1.  If you haven’t visited the CDC centre, March 18th – 22nd might be a good week to give it a try.



To download and print this schedule, please click Duncan Cran StrongStart March 2013.


ROSS March  2013

To download and print this schedule, please click Robert Ogilvie StrongStart March 2013.


March 2013 HHSS Calendar

To download and print this schedule, please click Hudson’t Hope StrongStart March 2013.

Outreach March  2013

To download and print this schedule, please click Outreach StrongStart March 2013.

March 2013 RPC Calendar

To download and print this schedule, please click Rotary Play Centre March 2013.
March. 2013

To download and print this schedule, please click Virtual StrongStart March 2013


Pre-School Health Round-up

Pre-School Health Round-up

Health screening for pre-schoolers is tomorrow.

The Pre-school Health Round-up is a FUN event.  We try to make it engaging for kids and parents alike.  There will be lots of interesting activities for kids and valuable information for parents.  I always enjoy being a part of this event because it is so supportive of families.

The Totem Mall is a new partner this spring. We are hoping the venue will add an element of excitement while making it easier for families to participate.  The convenient parking is the best part.  Please plan to spend about an hour with your little ones.


To download and print this poster, click Preschool Health Roundup 2013.


6th Annual Parent Conference

6th Annual Parent Conference


The 6th parent conference is Saturday, March 9th at North Peace Secondary School.  There are a few interesting twists this year.

  • Attend alone or with your children.  You can bring your kids 3+ years and older.  Either register them for child minding (3 – 5 years), enter them in the Fun Fair (6 – 12 years) or attend sessions together (various ages 10+).
  • Attend 1, 2 or all 3 sessions.  No obligation to stay all day.
  • Traditional keynote has been replaced by energizing activities in the gym to stimulate your thinking and “grow” your brain.

And as usual, it’s all FREE!  There are many door prizes and give aways for participants.  Many thanks to our sponsors Success by 6, Children First, Child Care Resource and Referral and School District 60.

There are sessions for many interests including:

  • bullying
  • online safety
  • numeracy
  • art journalling
  • oral language development
  • play based learning
  • quad and outdoor recreational safety
  • physical literacy
  • understanding challenging behaviours

Download the registration package for more information then register online.  If you prefer, you can fill out a paper copy and fax it to Pat Lang, 250.785.6123 or drop it off at any SD60 school.

Click here to download the 2013 Parent Conference Registration Package

Click here to register online 2013 Parent Conference Online Registration



Ten Reasons Why Children and Adults Need Vitamin N (nature)

Ten Reasons Why Children and Adults Need Vitamin N (nature)

Here are two excellent blogs about Nature.  I am a huge fan of Richard Louv‘s Nature mouvement.  He is a crusader for healthier children and communities through natural play.  His work is a catalyst for me to get outside with my kids. It’s positively affecting my entire family.  I’m a believer!

Ten Reasons Why Children and Adults Need Vitamin N

This poster makes me cringe because of all the little boisterous souls I have discouraged over the years.  I believe I did so gently and with love but I still sent them the message that they weren’t quite “good enough” when they couldn’t sit still.  “When you know better you do better.” ― Maya Angelou

SMART PILLS VS. NATURE SMART: Want Your Kids to Do Better in School? Try a Dose of “Vitamin N”


Give the gift of physical literacy

Give the gift of physical literacy

I don’t know if you’re like me, but as soon as the holiday rolls around and our routines stop, we usually huddle up at home.  We often don’t use the time to get active all together.  And then afterward, we all lament the missed opportunity.  And this happens year after year.  But this holiday, I have a plan.

Click below for an excellent blog post about toys that give the gift of physical activity.

10 toys that give the gift of physical literacy

And here’s a cute take on the classic Christmas carol the 12 Days of Christmas.  It’s now my holiday TO-DO list on my fridge.

12 days of active holiday fun



December StrongStart calendars

December StrongStart calendars

If you’re feeling shocked that December is already here, you’re not alone!  But as the excitement of the holiday grows, we hope you will include us in your weekly plans.  StrongStart can be a great venue to use up the extra energy that seems to bubble over this time of year.  Check out Robert Ogilvie’s extra gym time.

To download and print this calendar, click here Ducan Cran StrongStart December 2012

To download and print this calendar, click here Robert Ogilvie StrongStart December 2012

To download and print this calendar, click here StrongStart Outreach December 2012

NOTE: Charlie Lake StrongStart is closed on Monday, December 17th.  The last program day is Monday, December 10th 1 – 3:30.

To download and print this calendar, click here Hudson’s Hope StrongStart December 2012

To download and print this calendar, click here Virtual StrongStart December 2012

How do kids learn?

How do kids learn?

Parents are always asking themselves, each other and experts what they can do to help their young children be happy and healthy.  The current research on the brain is helping me navigate my own parenting journey.  The best books I’ve read lately are Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby.  They’re easy to read and give very clear information about how to work smarter not harder as a parent.

“The human brain appears to have been designed to solve problems related to surviving in an unstable, outdoor environment and to do so in near constant motion.”  Dr. John Medina

Dr. Medina explains that optimal learning occurs when three things are happening: We are outdoors.  We are moving.  We are experiencing new things which are important to us.  How does that help parents?  Well, these three things stick out for me.

1.  Safety

The human brain was designed to survive first.  Any “extra” learning only happens if the child feels totally safe and cared for.  So before we try to “teach” our children, we need to attend to their survival needs.  This can be a need for food, sleep or emotional connection to other important humans.  That emotional connection to others is often called attachment.  Attachment is a complex idea yet very empowering for parents.  Dr. Gordon Neufeld‘s book, Hold on to your Kids, is a place to start if you are interested in learning about attachment.

2.  Physical activity

We learn if we are moving.  Participation Canada states that 93% of Canadian kids do NOT get enough activity in a day.  Scary, right.  Studies show that we are fooling ourselves by thinking our kids get more exercise than they do.  In fact, Canadian children spend almost 8 hours/day sitting in front of screens.  That can be phones, Ipads, TV, computers, or gaming devices.  If you want to know how much activity is recommended for toddlers and young children, click here.

Physical Activity Guidelnes 0 – 4 years

Physical Activity Guidelines 5 – 11 years

Dr. John Ratey recommends we think of exercise as medicine: one part Ritalin and one part Prozac.  And it’s FREE.  It primes the brain for learning and keeps us all young.

3.  Time in Nature

We know we should reduce screen time but what do we replace it with?  Nature.  If you want to raise healthy, active, calmer children, get them outside.  Many pediatricians warn us that this generation of children will be the first to die at an earlier age than their parents.  Inactivity is the key factor in this health decline.  Playing outside means being active, which in the modern world, equals improved health.

Nature is also a healing balm for the emotional hardships in a person’s life.  Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods, Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder, describes how the natural world helps us regulate our emotions and feel calmer.

Nature also encourages PLAY which may be the panacea to raising children in the modern world.  Our kids need unstructured, creative, active PLAY in natural environments.